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Tea Bars


We run two Tea Bars, one on F level in the West Wing, the other on A level in the Oncology Department.


The Tea Bar on F level is the largest and busiest of the two locations. It is, as with all our outlets, run entirely by volunteers, who give a minimum of three hours a week of their time, but many give more than that. It is a busy and friendly place to work and we ask that those willing to join us give a minimum of three hours a week. We need volunteers to work behind the counter making tea and coffee as well as selling other items and working the tills. Some may prefer to clear tables and get stock from the store. If you do decide to join us, you will soon find yourself making new friends from among the other volunteers but also you will enjoy the banter that goes on with many of the customers.


We sell a variety of sandwiches, wraps, toast, tea, coffee, hot chocolate as well as cold drinks. Flapjacks, some cakes, chocolate bars and crisps are also available. We also have a vending machine outside the T bar for you to use when the Tea bar is closed.




The Tea bar on A level stocks a similar range to F level, but is a smaller site, incorporated in the reception area of the Oncology Block. Although this one is not as busy as F level, it has a unique atmosphere because so many of the customers are long term patients who often get to know our volunteers quite well and will stop for a chat. Our prices are very competitive – all coffees teas are priced from £1.00.

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