The League of Friends of

University Hospital Southampton


League of Friends - Charity No. 249466

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Donations & Bequests


None of volunteers working for The League of Friends is paid, therefore all money we raise is directly for the benefit of patients and staff of the hospital.


We are wholly dependent on the public for funds, which are achieved through our trading outlets (our shop in the hospital entrance, our 2 T Bars on level’s A&F and our ward trolley service), but also, importantly, through donations which can be made in one of three ways:


  • Through our collection boxes which are to be found in any of our outlets and also on our ward trolleys


  • By direct donation sent to our office-Mailpoint 110,Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road, Southampton SO16 6YD


  • By means of a Legacy which your solicitor will assist you in preparing.


If you would like to know more about how The League of Friends utilises the money they collect, please contact our Hon. Treasurer Mr Les Frewin either;