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Christmas Gifts


Being in hospital at the festive season is difficult enough without feeling forgotten by the rest of the world, so each year, about November, the process of buying in and wrapping Christmas presents for all the inpatients begins.


We donate to all inpatients with the exception of those in the children’s wards. That may sound mean, but believe me when I say this, the children receive gifts from many other charities, so we prefer to concentrate on giving to the adults.


Gifts are divided into several groups – the new born and their mothers in Princess Anne; the elderly in the geriatric wards, and the whole of the rest of the hospital. Generally these days we give something like puzzle books and pens, but needless to say the new born and mums receive something more appropriate. Elderly patients may receive something in the toiletry line.


Once the gifts are purchased, the fun of wrapping everything begins. This is often done as a group activity in our office, labelling them all and packing and storing until it is the time to distribute them. This is generally done during the afternoon of Christmas Eve by our volunteers. Buying, packing and delivery is all done yet again by our volunteers so that no one goes without a gift at Christmas.

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